Fruit Jar Get-Together

The following pictures were taken Saturday, Jan. 12, 2012, at the Fruit Jar Get Together and Auction at the Baymont Inn in Muncie.

Joe Coulson with Atlas debossed jars used to sell different products.

Phil Smith showing a rare lid and original closure Sun Jar.

A very old steam canner "Conservo" manufactured by The Swartbaugh Mfg. Co. Toledo, Ohio. It has an opening on top to fill with water and a water pan on the bottom. It was apparently designed to sit on a wood or gas stove and was made 1910 - 1930. It can hold 14 quart jars at one time.

Dave Rittenhouse, show chairman, with a yellow/amber Leader Jar. He hopes to find a yellow lid to go with it. Dick Cole, President of Midwest Fruit Jar and Bottle Club in background.

Greg Spurgeon with a pint Acme, unlisted. It is the only known example.

Larry Munson with a Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858 quart jar base: L&W

Tom Sproat with a clear mouth blown unmarked jar with a pontil mark on the base.

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