August 2001 FHBC Show

Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors

National Show

Muncie, Indiana

August 12, 2001

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All the pictures on this page are of a large display of American Jelly Glasses that was put together by a committee of the Jelly Jammers Club. The Committee consisted of Lee Cole (Chair), Jim DeGrado, Jean Harbron. Contributions to the display were also provided by Margaret Shaw, Meredith Robinson, and Wanda Yoder.

The picture above shows tools used to prepare jelly.

The cardboard cutouts, above, were made from the cover of the book American Jelly Glasses: A Collector's Notebook by Barbara Bowditch.

These are jelly glass cartons, jars, lids, and labels dating from the 1930s to the present.

These are jelly glasses made before 1900.

These jelly glasses were made in the Twentieth Century.

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