In 1933, the makers of fruit jars and packer jars tried to reach some sort of agreement over what is a fruit jar and what is a packer jar.  A copy of the following document, without original signatures, can be found in Alexander M. Bracken’s papers at Minnetrista Cultural Center.

It is not known if the agreement was signed, or, if it was, how longer it lasted.  Obviously, the fruit jar makers wanted the packer makers to stop making jars that could be used as home canning jars.


Copy of Agreement Signed by Manufacturers of Packers’ Jars


It is agreed by and between the undersigned, manufacturers of Fruit Jars for Domestic use and/or or Screw Top Jars for Packers’ use, that through the action of the Standardization Committee of the Glass Containers Association, or in some other proper and effective way, the finish of the two classes of Jars shall be made distinct as to each class.

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding between Screw Thread Packers’ Jars and Screw Thread Domestic Jars, the former shall not be made with the domestic (G) thread that fits the standard Mason (G) Cap; and shall not be made with a sealing shoulder or rubber seat that will seal with the standard Mason Cap; and Jars with the domestic (G) thread shall not be sold for packing purposes.  This distinctive finish shall be made effective by all manufacturers of Packers’ Jars at the earliest practicable date.



Ball Brothers Company               J. T. & A. Hamilton Co.

F. C. Ball, Pres.                              J. W. Hamilton, Pres.


Owens-Illinois Glass Company  Capstan Glass Co.

William E. Levis, Pres                  G. F. Reiman, Pres.


Hazel-Atlas Glass Company       Whitall Tatum Company

Walter H. McClure, Vice-Pres.   H. V. Brumley, Sec’y


Hart Glass Mfg. Company          Buck Glass Company

F. H. May, Treas.                         R. A. Blunt, Vice-Pres.


Knox Glass Bottle Co.                 Maryland Glass Corp.

R. R. Underwood, Sec’y              J. S. Heuisler, Asst. Treas.


Foster-Forbes Glass Co.             Swindell Bros. Inc.

W. C. Forbes, Sec’y                     W. B. Swindell, Sec’y


Pennsylvania Bottle Co.             Carr-Lowry Glass Co.

R. R. Underwood, Sec’y              George F. Lang, Vice-Pres.


Oil City Glass Bottle Co.             Olean Glass Company

R. R. Underwood                          E. W. Dugan


Marienville Glass Co.                  American Glass Work, Inc.

R. R. Underwood, Pres.               W. J. Ready, Vice-Pres.


Wightman Bottle & Glass Mfg. Co.  F. E. Reed Glass Company

R. R. Underwood, Pres.               Fred E. Reed, Treas.


Knox Glass Bottle Company Of Mississippi

R. R. Underwood


Brockway Glass Company          Pierce Glass Company

G. A. Mengle                                H. C. Herger, Sec.


Glenshaw Glass Co., Inc.            Gayner Glass Works

S. B. Meyer, Treas.                      John M. Gayner, Treas.


Latchford Glass Co.                     Sterling Glass Company

W. J. Latchford                             G. E. Terwillinger, Mgr.


Laurens Glass Works                  A. M. Kerr & Company

E. D. Easterby, Pres.                    C. H. Hubbard, Vice-Pres.



Written by Richard H. Cole, Jr.

© 2003 Minnetrista Cultural Center

First Published in the February 2003 Glass Chatter