MAFJ&BC Show January 2003

Winter Show

Muncie, Indiana

January 11-12, 2003

These are pictures of the exhibition floor Sunday, January 12, 2003, at the Winter Show of the Midwest Antique Fruit Jar and Bottle Club at the Horizon Convention Center in Muncie, Indiana. Pictures and report were published in the February issue of Glass Chatter by the Midwest Antique Fruit Jar and Bottle Club.

Bill Dudley’s display of George Scott Pottery won both the “Most Educational” award. Congratulations to Bill on this fine award! These pottery jars with tin lids were made in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1860’s and exhibited by Bill Dudley. This exhibit won the “Most Educational” award. Bill is also showing cast iron tools used to heat and pour the wax for these wax sealers and antique boxes of wax.

Dick and Lee Cole’s display of Ball Freshware featured plastic Tupperware-like containers made by Ball. Dick and Lee Cole showed these plastic containers that Ball manufactured for a short time in the 1970’s in an effort to compete with Tupperware.

Norm Barnett’s display of Original Closures featured rare antique fruit jars. Norm Barnett showed a wide variety of elaborate, original closures. Many of these are rare and very difficult to find.

Dave Rittenhouse displayed Early Jars. Dave Rittenhouse showed jars that were patented in the 1850’s and 1860’s.

Jean Harbron and Wanda Yoder presented Ball Juice Decanter/Canning Jar. Sisters, Jean Harbron and Wanda Yoder, showed the Ball Juice Decanter/Canning Jar which was made 1979 to 1982. Some of the jars exhibited were canned with real fruit juice. Ball shipped a plastic decanter lid with each carton of jars.

Glennie Burkett showed her “Evening in Paris” collection. Glennie Burkett made this lovely display of Evening in Paris perfume bottles.

Greg Spurgeon showed Globe Jars and won the “Dealer’s Choice” award. Greg Spurgeon showed a fine collection of all sizes and many colors of Globe Jars. This display won the “Dealer’s Choice” award.

Mike Mosier showed Fruit Jar Go-Withs. Mike Mosier displayed a collection of accessories including a Ball wooden shipping box, an old pressure canner, a very rare “Refrigerator Jar” carton, and many other interesting items.

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