President’s Message March 2024


Welcome March. Welcome Spring. Glad to see nice weather returning to the Midwest.

Colleen and I took our annual spring vacation (Can you call it a vacation when you’re retired? Is it a vacation from your recliner? Or is it just a road trip?).

Anyway, we took in the Baltimore, Chattanooga and St. Louis shows in a week’s time. We had a great time! We took in several antique malls in the in-between time. We saw many collector friends. We drove over 2,700 miles and loved every minute of it (Except when we couldn’t see the end of the hood of the car, because of fog, going to Baltimore).

In case you weren’t aware of it, there is a lot of glass out there for sale. I’m talking tons of glass. More than any hobby can support. Beautiful glass! Unfortunately, we are going to have to get our younger generation interested in collecting it. That can be said for all antiques. There is just not any interest in it at this time.

That is a sermon for another day. We thank you all for what you do to promote the hobby.

Wishing good health and happiness to everyone.

Jerry Dixon

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